We are

Agile, efficient and precise.

We are agile as a startup, efficient like an enterprise and precise with our delivery.


Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and more.

App Development

If you can think it, we can build it. Simple as that. Web, Mobile, Desktop, IoT etc.

Back End Engineering

We specialise in automating processes that your customers think is magic.

Data Science

With our skills in core mathematics & stats, we're good at building custom models

How we do it

Unique delivery model

We are a mix of Actuarial professionals with technology nerds and love solving business problems. 

Actlogica takes full ownership of understanding the problem, analysing possible solutions, devising a recommended solution and delivering it with clearly defined milestones.

Solutions are specified by actuarial team, built by engineers and are tested programmatically by our actuarial team who build the entire test suite ensuring precision in solution built.

We do all of this under our own flavour of Agile Project Management methodology.

Our overseas partners

Strategic Partner - UK

Liqid Solutions provides services range from basic framework application, through delivery teams, to a fully outsourced change partnership combining both – giving customers the support they need, when they need it.

We are a software product and services company with expertise in Finance & Actuarial Mathematics.


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