Wealth Management Solution

Future of wealth management, now.

An all-in-one solution that brings front, middle and back office together in a seamless experience.


Let the software take care of the rest.

Wealth Management & Family Office

Software as a Service

Our unique performance engine has the ability to analyse, calculate and generate reporting numbers across Stocks, Mutual Funds, PMS & AIF products. Just upload the required data under named portfolios and we'll do the rest.

Take advantage of our built in OMS system that allows you to transact in Mutual Funds, Stocks & ETFs (Coming Soon). Our built in Risk Profiling ensures that you are compliant should you choose to use the OMS. Use our secure document management system to keep client documentation up-to-date and accessible.

Our reports, inspired by GIPS, provide portfolio accounting, cost basis reports, LTCG, STCG, Performance analysis and comparison using benchmarks.

Analyse how various wealth managers have performed for the family by earmarking assets & transactions under designated portfolios for easier comparison.

We provide analytics at multi levels that allow you to measure and identify exposure to unique security held across the account, exposure to various market caps, sectors and credit papers held with rating information.

All features available for single or multi family offices with authorisation rules and workflows to manage your practice.

We are a software product and services company with expertise in Finance & Actuarial Mathematics.


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