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Actlogica wealth management products solve practical problems with a mission to allow businesses to scale efficiently. 

Future of wealth management. Now.

FinFlo Enterprise is a multi-asset, multi-portfolio wealth management software for Intermediaries.
CRM, Order Management System with Mutual Funds & Stocks, GIPS based reporting standards, Reconciliation, Revenue Calculation, MIS, PMS Tracking, Document Vault and much more.

Risk Profiling SaaS Software. Simple & Effective.

As important as it is to profile your client's risk perception, we have not found a simple, modern, effective yet cost effective software for practitioners like yourselves. We are experts in technology for capital markets. And a lot of our partners have asked us to build what we thought shouldn't be very complicated.

Parse, Save & Generate Reports. Effortlessly.

A simple, elegant and "Pay as you go" tool for extracting transaction information from CAS files, export to excel for analysis and/or generate a comprehensive investment report instantly.

We are a software product and services company with expertise in Finance & Actuarial Mathematics.


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