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A comprehensive, fully integrated and state-of-the-art software for mutual fund distributors, SEBI RIAs, wealth managers and family offices. FinFlo makes front office, middle office and back office look like one office. Create, manage and monitor high performing portfolios of your clients. Place orders in Mutual Funds, Direct Stocks, ETFs, REITs, INVITs, Bonds (coming soon). Order tracking and reconciliation, settlements via RTA and multi-brokers.

Multi Asset

Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, ETF, PMS, AIF, Insurance, Commodity, Real Estate, NPS, Deposits, Cash etc. Transaction capabilities in Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETF, REITs, INVITs. Bonds & International stocks – coming soon!


Consolidate investment across all your client’s investments into one truly uniform dashboard. Drill down to advisor or ARN specific dashboard for comparison on performance, attribution and insights.

Order Management

Prepare, review, approve and execute all with zero human intervention. Our OMS takes care of routing & settlement or orders automatically.

Performance Reporting

GIPS Based investment performance reporting standards. Portfolio Growth with benchmark comparison, Yearly Performance TWRR, XIRR, CAGR. 

Asset Allocation Reporting

Multi-level asset allocation reports show how investment strategies are being executed and reported. Allocation analysis at Family, Account & Portfolio Level.

Portfolio Profit & Loss

Detailed cost basis reporting at multiple levels. Get P&L reports at Investment, Portfolio, Account & Family Levels. Give your clients the ability to see attribution of gains/losses across multiple advisors and investment strategies.

AUM Reconciliation

Asset Recon across mutual funds and stocks using reverse feeds from RTA, brokers or custodians.

Revenue Reconciliation

Reconcile revenue generated from multiple products that you advise in via Product Master and average AUA over period, fixed commission and/or % commissions.

Family Office Reporting

FinFlo allows a family office to setup & configure multiple advisor managed portfolios. Dedicated managed portfolio dashboard with analytics, cost basis tracking using FIFO methodology, Profit & Loss reports and much more. Compare multiple advisors in one place.

Investor Mobile App

Mobile application on App Store and Play Store that can be white labeled. Investors can view dashboards, holdings, performance, transactions and also approve & pay for orders. No excuse for execution of orders.

Data Import

Our purpose built proprietary onboarding engine can import data from any portfolio and rebuild its history since the inception of the clients portfolio without any data loss. Import data from RTA files, Broker Feeds or Excel.

Organisation Management

Add multiple logins with access controls for RM, Ops, Managers etc. Client mapping module ensures data security and access restrictions between your employees. Scale your practice with our security and access control tools.

Advisor/RM Tools

Birthday notifications, order notifications, multi-product notifications for premium due dates, maturity dates. Transaction analysis, automated PDF report scheduling, RM revenue analysis, RM AUM reporting and much more.

Enterprise Technology

Our technology partners include Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS. We have built and hosted our own proprietary security management technology allowing us to scale SSO across multiple applications. Our back office software such as – Performance, Settlement, Notifications, Order Management etc run on highly scalable micro-services technology.

Need a personalised demo?

Our team can arrange an onsite or online demo to help you understand how FinFlo Enterprise works. Any questions, clarifications and pricing details will be given during demo. Please get in touch to schedule a demo.

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