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What is RiPro

RiPro is a B2B SaaS software for financial practitioners

Why did we build RiPro?

As important as it is to profile your client's risk perception, we have been able to find a simple, modern, effective yet cost justified software for practitioners like yourselves.

It's main goal is to allow you to profile your client's risk perception as frequently as possible so that you constantly keep their behaviour and expectations in check.

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Why is risk profiling so important? Here are a few key reasons.

By evaluating an investor's risk tolerance, we can help them avoid unnecessary exposure to high-risk investments that might not align with their comfort level. This proactive approach can prevent potential financial setbacks and promote more stable long-term growth.

One Mitigate potential losses

Every investor is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach seldom works. Conducting risk profiling enables us to craft personalized investment strategies that strike the right balance between risk and reward. It helps optimize the portfolio allocation and select suitable investment vehicles that match the investor's desired outcomes.

Two Customize investment strategies

By engaging in risk profiling, we demonstrate our commitment to truly understanding our clients or ourselves as investors. It fosters open and transparent communication, enabling us to set realistic expectations and provide well-informed advice. This cultivates trust and helps build long-term relationships based on mutual understanding.

Three Strengthen trust and communication

Pricing Plans

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$0.00 /Month

0.00 /Month
  • One User
  • Unlimited Questionnaires
  • 10 Client Accounts
  • Five Client Invitation Credit
  • Pay As You Go

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$18.00 /Month

1,495 /Month
  • Multiple Users
  • 300 Client Accounts
  • 300 Client Invitation Credits
  • Chat Support
  • Unlimited Questionnaires


$59.00 /Month

4,750 /Month
  • Multiple Users
  • 1000 Client Accounts
  • 1000 Client Invitation Credits
  • Dedicated Support
  • API Access

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