The much awaited and scrutinized Lab32 program’s application process started few weeks back when all the startups already at T-Hub were asked to apply.

What is Lab32? You can read more about it here but in a nutshell it is a program specifically designed to identify startups that, firstly, have a practical, mature and strategic plan for taking the idea and the company from growth stage to the next level.

Secondly, to help startups in that difficult period by giving them much needed support via a network of investors, corporates and connections for collaboration.

orange-tulip-flower-65660.jpegIt is for this reason that we’re proud that Actlogica has been selected as a startup that is worthy of being inducted into a rigorous program like Lab32. It gives us confidence that we’re a mature team and that the very experienced and influential team at T-Hub will mentor us and help get Actlogica to the next growth wave.

After the successful launch of our first product FinFlo Enterprise, an innovative new solution for wealth management and life insurance sales, we look forward to taking our next set of research ideas to market incorporating the learning we will achieve whilst being on the program.

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