About Us

Who we are

Actlogica believes that Actuarial Mathematics can solve the most complicated problems that a business may have in relation to its operations, sales effectiveness, risk management, cost effectiveness, future projections, capital efficiency and adequacy and many more. We engineer solutions that empower businesses from Finance, Insurance and Banking industries with intelligence about their customers, help sales teams with increased quality of sales, add value to investments teams with access to analyses about assets, liabilities and future projections and a lot of other commonly unsolved areas in a business.

Actlogica's founding team has effectively found a way to make the complex world of Actuarial Mathematics integrate with the sometimes unnecessarily complicated information technology domain. We're constantly pushing the limits of financial engineering to make products that we build insanely simple and delightful to use. Our solutions take the common-sense approach to solving problems by removing the jargon usually surrounding the industries we're building the solutions for. We choose technology appropriate for the solution and make it work effectively; the result is applications that work ultra-fast even when running complex mathematical algorithms, scale beyond imagination and are innovative in every aspect.

Meet Our Team


Ameet AyareCo-Founder | Partner | Principal Engineer

Ameet is a technology enthusiast and has been engineering solutions for almost 15 years. The first computer program he wrote was in "Turtle" language at the age of 8.

He has worked in some of the biggest Retail, Wholesale and Investment banking companies in various positions with the last position as architect of a fund management system with over GBP 140 billion in AUM.

Ameet has a passion for computer science, loves motorsports and working at Actlogica.


Archana AnoorCo-Founder | Partner | Actuary

Archana is a fully qualified actuary who has been working in Pricing, Valuations and Project Management roles in Life Insurance & Pension sectors in UK and India for the last 10 years.

An engineer before becoming an Actuary, Archana challenges the engineering team at Actlogica besides heading the Actuarial team. She plays a key role in translating the complex actuarial concepts to the engineering team.

In her free time, Archana enjoys blogging, crafts and travelling with family