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At Actlogica, Actuaries and Engineers
come together to build truly innovative
software solutions.


Our platforms provide intelligent support to financial planners, registered investment advisors and wealth managers. Number accuracy, User Interface like no other and unparalleled use of advanced cloud based technology proves our focus on the market segment. We care about your clients and this is evident in how our platforms are built, look and work.


One of our core expertise lies in insurance. Actuaries who have been behind insurance product design for years are part of our core team. Be it automation solutions for insurance companies, or solutions for insurance advisors or even tools for the end-user i.e. the policyholders – we love developing platforms for all these stakeholders. We have a passion to engineer and simplify the insurance related processes by using the most appropriate technology.


Our solutions for this vital industry range from those that make bancassurance efficient to those that help in cross-selling or upselling products using predictive modelling techniques. We're also working on solutions for making other banking processes like collection strategies and fraud detection productive and highly beneficial.

Our Products

The next generation wealth management and financial planning tool that allows CFPS, CFAS and wealth managers to maintain client portfolio with a philosophy that allows you to not only know the current status of your client's wealth but also the future.

Be empowered with the information of your clients wealth - on demand. All data is synced across devices seamlessly giving you the power of information exactly when it is needed.

Asset classes such as loans, fixed income, property, equity, mutual funds, bonds etc are all covered.

Get notified about "key events" in the portfolio so you can plan ahead.

Analyse markets, perform financial planning and goal setting.

Build lasting relationship with clients using our inbuilt CRM module.

All of this has been built using industry standard bank grade security technology.

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We enjoy making your complex work simpler.
We achieve this through our platforms that can churn numbers,
automate everyday tasks and ease decision making.